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Geeky Gliders

Halloween cage set with toys - Spider and owl

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Get everything you need to start your glider's cage set and toy journey in one listing! This spooky set is a fully fleece set with one pulley toy and a foraging toy to stimulate your glider's need to forage, explore and play.

This set includes:
- 2 large sleeping pouches
- 2 corner hammocks
- 1 bridge
- 1 color-matching vine
- 1 open-environment bucket pouch
- 1 owl themed pulley toy
- 1 spider themed foraging toy

The owl-themed pulley toy has three different colored rings for your glider to carry back to their pouch along with charms to explore and straws to pull. The spider foraging toy comes with charms and trinkets for gliders to handle and play with along with candy corn foraging containers that can be filled with treats.

The fleece set is safely sewn with hidden seams and is machine washable. I recommend using non-scented detergent and skipping the fabric softener sheets.

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