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Exotic Medical Supply Kit - Local pickup only

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** This listing is for local pickup in the Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR, areas only. **

If you’ve ever owned an exotic pet, you know one thing is for sure: proper exotic care gets pricey.

Whether it’s the initial price of your beloved exotic pets, housing setups, appropriate diets, or veterinary care, costs easily add up, and sometimes exceed thousands of dollars. After dedicating so much financially, physically, and emotionally, it’s reasonable to want to protect your investment. A quick and easy way to do this is by preparing for common and unpredictable scenarios. This is why we created the Exotics Medical Support Kit (E.M.S. Kit).

While there are plenty of species-specific products on the market, there are far more important and necessary emergency supplies that can be kept on hand for general use across most exotic species. From simple sterile saline solution to gauze bandages, or vet wraps to tweezers, purchasing enough of these medical supplies without having to purchase in bulk can easily run an owner into the hundreds of dollars along with a need for a lot of storage space. The E.M.S. Kit provides owners with enough supplies to immediately address several medical scenarios at a far less expensive price as well as offers the ability to order individual refill replacement products without having to purchase an entire kit. 

Included in the EMS Kit: 

- Sterile saline solution
- Sterile gauze pads
- Surgical tape
- Medical bandage scissors
- Vet wrap
- No-needle luer slip syringes
- Insulin syringes with needles 
- Three sizes of e-jackets (currently sized for sugar gliders and other similarly small mammals, but future species will be added soon)
- Plastic e-collar (currently sized for sugar gliders and other similarly small mammals, but future species will be added soon)
- Replacement moleskin for the e-collar
- Silicone e-collar
- Foam e-collar
- Cotton balls
- Cotton swabs
- Cornstarch (used as a styptic powder)
- Benzalkonium chloride antiseptic towelettes
- Sterile lubrication packets
- Triple antibiotic ointment
- Vetericyn Plus antimicrobial spray
- Isopropyl alcohol wipes
- Nail file
- Nail clippers
- Honey sticks
- HotHands
- Pipettes 
- Teat infusion cannulas
- Stainless steel needle-nose tweezers
- Slanted tweezers
- Hand sanitizer
- Fleece blankets
- Facial tissues
- Gloves
- Straws (a temporary splint)
- Bene-Bac Plus

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