Geeky Gliders Sugar Glider Adoptions

Here at Geeky Gliders, we run a small hobby breeding program where we focus on temperament, lineage, health and color.

We have been breeding since 2019. Currently have five mothers who produce a variety of colors, including standards, black beauties, leucistics, creminos, cremino-mosaics, mosaics, ringtail mosaics, and reversed-striped mosaics.

 When a glider is listed, we ask a set of adoption questions before sending out a contract and taking a predetermined deposit on a joey. We will not sell joeys by themselves unless there is at least one buddy already in your home or you can provide proof of another joey purchased from another program.

Joeys can be purchased as pet-only (no breeding rights) or with breeding rights. If you are purchasing with breeding rights, you must show you have owned sugar gliders for at least one year and have knowledge about glider breeding. Mentorship is offered, but basic knowledge is a must.

A blank copy of our adoption contract as well as references from previous adopters can be sent to you by request. Just send us an email to or use our contact page. 

If you're just getting started on your journey to glider ownership, here is a list of some basic supplies you will want to have on hand for your new fur babies: 

  • Cage: A cage that is at least 24x24x36" with no larger than 1/2" bar spacing and no galvanized wire since it can rust and lead to injuries and UTIs.
  • Cage cover: You can purchase from multiple tested vendors or you can put a large piece of fleece around 3 sides and the top.
  •  Drop pan: Most cages already come fitted with a drop pan. 
  • Water bottles, bowls or silos: at least two water sources are needed.
  • Food bowl or plate
  • Nail clippers and either a pouch or bag to use to clip nails.
  • Bonding bag 
  • Cage sets: Make sure to check you're purchasing from vendors who are experienced and tested for safety to ensure your babies are not going to be injured with loose threads or bad sewing. 
  • Staple diet (GOHPW, OHPW, BML or TPG are recommended) and a kibble to feed alongside the staple diet.
  • Wheel and/or treadmill: We highly recommend Free Runner, Inc
  • Toys: You're going to want toys that promote interaction, foraging and curiosity. If your gliders like to chew, you may want to choose natural toys such as cholla wood or cork bark. Ask us for recommendations!
  • C-links: You'll need these to hang your cage sets.
  • An exotic vet lined up as well as a backup vet in case of an emergency.