About Us

Welcome to Geeky Gliders!

My name is Casie, and I'm a suggie mama to 19 beautiful gliders, three crazy cats, and two sweet but very jealous little dogs. I'm also a massive geek! Geeky Gliders is my way of sharing my love of sugar gliders and all things geek and pop culture with other suggie slaves.

I specialize in one-of-a-kind cage sets and toys. Looking for a custom order? Just ask! I'm always happy to design something just for you.

I am an approved vendor through Sugar Glider Fanatics, Sugar Glider Groupies, Glide-It-Forward, Sugar Glider Guardians and Sunshine & Rose's Glider Gift Exchange. This means my products have been tested by multiple veteran vendors within the sugar glider community for at least 4 weeks to ensure my products are not only safe, but that they offer enriching experiences that encourage curiosity, foraging, and playfulness.

Geeky Gliders is also a small hobby breeder located within the Pacific Northwest. We breed lineaged gliders for temperament, health and color. Joeys born within our program are cuddled daily to promote friendly, easy to bond with fur babies.